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Online Contractor Induction

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  1. What is the Contractor General Safety Induction?

    A standardised induction course designed for contractors, demonstrators and suppliers who are required to work at any site of the businesses of Coles Group in any state. It is available via the Internet.

  2. Why does Coles Group have an online induction program?

    1. To ensure all contractors undertaking physical work know our safety requirements and are able to work safely on all of our sites. This will ensure the safety and wellbeing of not only our contractors, suppliers and demonstrators but also our team members customers and visitors. It provides a consistent way for Coles Group to meet its Duty of Care to all people working on our sites.
    2. An online version was chosen, as it enables contractors to access a consistent and standardised induction from varied locations across Australia whether they are in regional or metropolitan Australia.

  3. Which contractors / suppliers /demonstrators are required to complete this Induction?

    If you are a contractor, demonstrators or supplier, undertaking physical work, you are required to complete the Contractor General Safety Induction.

  4. Is the induction mandatory?

    Yes. Contractors performing work on a Coles Group site must undergo the induction to gain entry to the site.

  5. How will sites know whether the contractor has completed the induction?

    There is an assessment at the conclusion of the online course. On successful completion of this course you are required to print your own Contractor General Safety Induction card. You must present this card whenever you go onto a site.

  6. What if a contractor does not pass the assessment?

    You will have two attempts to complete the assessment once logged into the training. If you do not pass on the second attempt you will be required to log back into the course and complete it again before you can recommence the assessment. There is no limit on the number of times you can attempt the course and assessment to be able to access your Induction card.

  7. What if a contractor misplaces their card?

    You will receive two cards when you complete the course and an induction number. You will be instructed to use one card (preferably get it laminated or place it in a plastic sleeve for durability) and place the other card and the induction number in a safe place. When one card wears out or if you lose it you can use your replacement card. If for some reason both cards are lost or unusable you may at anytime log back into the induction and reprint a card without having to repeat the course.

  8. How long will the course take?

    The course will take approximately an hour to complete all modules and the assessment. On successful completion you will be able to print an induction card that will be valid for 2 years.

  9. What resources / equipment is required to complete the Contractor General Safety Induction online?

    You will require access to a computer and the internet. You can access the course through There will be a link called Online Contractor Induction. If you are having any difficulty navigating your way through the course you can contact the help line on 1300 663 896. Once you have successfully completed the assessment you will require a printer (and preferably some durable paper/card to be able to print your card). Each person completing the Induction will be able to print two cards on the one page. You should keep one card in a safe place and preferably laminate the card you are going to use to ensure its durability (this is up to you).

  10. What if a contractor is having difficulty navigating the course or any computer issues?

    The 1300 663 896 help line can be called by contractors experiencing difficulty navigating the course.

  11. What if a contractor has any queries regarding the content?

    All the information that you will need to answer the assessment questions is contained within the Induction course. If you have any issues with the requirements of the induction you can either complete the feedback form at the conclusion of the course or ring your employer (head contractor, supplier or demonstrator) to raise any concerns with them. The head contractor will then need to raise any issues with their Coles Group Representative.

  12. How will the Contractor General Safety Induction Card be checked at a site level?

    All sites have a Site Orientation and Sign-In process. The Sign-In Register asks all contractors to record the expiry date of the Contractor General Safety Induction Card.

    This card must be presented and be valid (current) to gain entry to all Coles Group sites. You will also be asked to present a work method statement. This is also mandatory to gain entry.

  13. What is a Safe Work Method Statement?

    A safe work method statement is a document that describes the job to be completed, the steps involved and identified associated hazards. It details risk control measures to be implemented to eliminate or reduce risk and is required for all works.

    Contractors, undertaking physical work, must have a copy of a safe work method statement to demonstrate how they will undertake work safely and control hazards. In addition you must have an understanding of the controls and be able to demonstrate implementation of the controls.

    If the work is considered routine the same work method statement is sufficient until conditions or their processes change. You can use your own Safe Work Method Statement or Job Safety Analysis(JSA) as relevant to your business.

  14. What if a contractor arrives at a site without a Contractor General Safety Induction Card and Work Method Statement?

    If you arrive without an Induction card and Work Method Statement you may not be allowed onto the site.

  15. What sites does this Induction apply to?

    All Coles Group sites will require you to have completed the Contractor General Safety Induction.

    The following are Coles Group sites:

    • Coles Supermarkets
    • Coles Express
    • Coles Logistics
    • Liquorland
    • Spirit Hotels
    • Quaffers
    • Vintage Cellars
    • 1st Choice
    • Kmart Tyre & Auto
    • Officeworks
    • Officeworks Business Direct
    • Harris Technology
    • Target

    • All State & National Office locations

    This list may not be exhaustive and may be changed at any time without notice.

  16. What if a contractor is not able to access the Induction online?

    Consider all the options in relation to accessing the Internet.

    • Can you use your employer's computer?
    • Can you access a computer at the library or an internet café?
    • Can you use a family member or friends computer?

    If you have exhausted all possible options please contact your Coles Group Representative to discuss.

  17. The program is asking me to choose a ‘contractor type’ and I am not sure what type to choose.

    On the page you are required to choose a contractor type, on the right hand side of the drop down menu there is a link, ‘click here’. By clicking on this link you will be directed to a list of all trades corresponding to each of the contractor type. Choose the trade that best describes what you do and the corresponding contractor type.