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Online Contractor Induction

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Coles Group Inductions

Types of Inductions

There are three levels of contractor inductions for Coles Group sites:

  1. The Contractor General Safety Induction
  2. Store/Site Safety Orientation
  3. Industry specific inductions - for example construction industry inductions and Australian Institute of Petroleum (AIP) inductions required for Coles Express.

  1. Contractor General Safety Inductions

    The Contractor General Safety Induction covers the Coles Group safety requirements that apply to all Coles Group sites.All contractors who are conducting work on Coles Group sites must have completed the Contractor General Safety Induction.

    The Contractor General Safety Induction is valid for 2 years.All contractors are required to complete the online induction.

    The Contractor General Safety Induction is available online and is accessible via this web page:

     Online Contractor Induction 

    All contractors are required to complete the online induction.

  2. Store/Site Safety Orientation

    The Orientation is to be reviewed when a contractor arrives on site. The Site orientation can be found with the Sign-In register. It includes:

    • site specific safety information, for example emergency evacuation locations,
    • any new hazards which the contractor would not be aware of through the Contractor General Safety Induction, and
    • site specific safety policies, for example random drug and alcohol testing programs.

    When a contractor has completed the orientation they are required to sign the store log book to acknowledge that they have completed it and understand it.

  3. Industry Specific Inductions

    There are a number of special inductions which may arise out of legislative or industry requirements, such as the construction industry induction. These specific inductions are required in addition to the Contractor General Safety Induction.

    Coles Express

    Coles Express Work Clearance Induction

    Do I need to complete this induction?

    The Coles Express Permitting Induction outlines the Coles Express permitting requirements that apply to all works conducted on a Coles Express site.

    Contractors and suppliers conducting construction type work and /or forecourt works must complete this induction.

    For example:

    • Maintenance / Trade contractors (e.g. builders, plumbers, electricians, grounds and gardens).
    • Service contractors
    • Air Conditioner contractors
    • Telecommunication and IT contractors
    • Suppliers conducting installations, removals or demolition
    • Contractors performing works in car wash.

    If your work involves any of the following:

    • Energy Isolation
    • Ground disturbance
    • Confined space entry
    • Lifting operations (e.g. slinging)
    • Working at height
    • Hot work
    • Construction (e.g asbestos removal or demolition); or
    • Other work (as outlined in the WPCG Activity Matrix)

    You must adhere to the WPCG requirements. Refer to the activity matrix to determine what is required based on their scope of works.