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Online Contractor Induction

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Signing In on Arrival at Store/Site

Sign In and Out

All contractors and visitors must sign the Contractor/Visitor Sign-In Register within the Site Orientation & Sign-In Register on entering Coles Group sites. A full name and contact telephone number must be provided.

If a contractor performs work on any essential services at the site, the essential services logbook must be completed and the Contractor/Visitor Sign-In Register ticked off on each visit.

If asbestos is present on site it is the responsibility of the contractor to review the Asbestos Register/Hazardous Materials Register and ensure asbestos is not disturbed.

If a contractor or visitor is engaged for a period of time exceeding one day, the person must sign in and sign out each day.

Visitorís stickers or badges

All contractors must wear a visitorís sticker or badge while on Coles Group premises (where relevant).

Contractor General Safety Induction Card

Contractors must have their Contractor General Safety Induction card with them at all times whilst on Coles Group sites.