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Health and Safety Management Plans

Prior to the commencement of contract work, the contracting company will develop and submit to the Coles Group Contract/Project Manager a Health and Safety Management Plan on how the contract works will be completed without risk to health and safety. A Health and Safety Management Plan will be developed for the following high risk contracts, including projects:

  • all contracts that are designated as “high risk” by legislation
  • all construction projects (new sites and refurbishment)
  • contracts with an estimated value of $250,000 and over which involve physical work
  • long term contracts (12 months and over) which involve physical work
  • contracts with a large number of subcontractors (over 10 medium to large size subcontracting companies) and/or requiring a high frequency of site visits

    A medium size sub contracting -company employs 50 or more staff or contractors
    A large size sub contracting -company employs 200 or more staff or contractors

  • contracts that provide a service by performing *high risk activities
  • any other contracts at the discretion of the Contract Manager

*High risk activities include but are not limited to:

  • Asbestos removal
  • Construction work of any kind
  • Demolition
  • All electrical work (excludes replacement of lamps in light fittings)
  • Hot work in hazardous area
  • Installation/replacement of any petrol station equipment (underground or above ground)
  • Scaffolding
  • Tank cleaning or testing
  • Welding in hazardous areas
  • Working at heights
  • Transport (truck driving)
  • Cooling tower maintenance
  • Confined space
  • Any other high risk works as defined by state legislation
  • Any other work or activities designated as high risk by the organisation

There may also be other risks not listed above. These should be identified and included in the scope of works.

The Health and Safety Management Plan must address all hazards within the scope of works and the List of Known Hazards provided.

There will be situations where a high risk activity is performed as a one-off activity rather than one of many activities within a more complex project such as construction. In this situation the Coles Group contract manager will decide whether a Work Method Statement is more appropriate to use than a Safety Management Plan.

   Download the Health and Safety Management Plan template (Coles)  (114KB)

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