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Online Contractor Induction

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Contractor Spotchecks

Contractor Spotchecks are random checks that are conducted by Coles Group on contractors, suppliers and demonstrators working on Coles Group sites. The spotchecks are conducted by the Store Manager, Contract/Project Manager or delegate.

Coles Group may conduct independent safety audits on contractors. These audits are conducted on a risk basis as deemed required.

Contractor companies will be notified by their Coles Group Contract Manager prior to an audit being conducted.

If a non conformance is identified in the spotcheck or audit a Corrective Action Report (CAR) may be raised by the site/store or Coles Group Contract Manager and forwarded to the contractor for action.

CARs may be raised by Coles Group (including persons located at sites) when they observe one of the following:

  • a non-conformance is noted a random safety spot-check.
  • an incident where the investigation identifies that there was a safety breach by the contractor.
  • a situation where a non-conformance or dangerous situation associated with contractor work is identified.
  • a team member, other contractor or customer raises an issue regarding the contractors safety management.

Where there is an immediate safety threat at a site the contractor may be asked to stop work. In such circumstances the contractor will not be allowed to recommence work until the CAR is returned, with acceptable responses.

The shaded sections of the CAR will be completed by the Coles Group representative. The contractor only needs to complete the unshaded sections of the CAR. It is the contractor’s responsibility to propose actions to correct the non-conformances and to complete the remaining sections of the CAR. The contractor must return the completed CAR to the Coles Group representative who issued the CAR. The contractor should return the CAR within a week or other agreed timeframe to the person who raised the CAR.