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Online Contractor Induction

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Chemicals and MSDSs

Contractors must provide up to date Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) for all chemicals:

  • used on site
  • brought onto the site and/or stored at the site.

SDS must in a compliate Australian format.

Additionally, contractors must keep a register of all chemicals that they store on a Coles Group site, for example cleaning chemicals. For refurbishment or new site works, the contractor must maintain a separate Contractor Chemical Register that is available on site for the duration of these works.

Contractors must store chemicals in a manner and location that is:

  • in a secure position where unauthorised people cannot access them
  • free from the risk of falling or being knocked over
  • away from food
  • in line with the storage requirements for dangerous goods and hazardous substances
  • appropriately labelled

Contractors must:

  • minimise the quantity of chemicals kept at the site
  • provide SDS for all chemicals used on site
  • use control measures as outlined in the risk assessment, Work Method Statement and SDS
  • keep all empty or full pressurised gas cylinders secur on an equipment trolley or secured (eg. chained or caged) to prevent the cylinder from being knocked over or damaged.

At the completion of work the contractor must remove all chemicals from the Coles Group site and safely dispose of them as required.