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Online Contractor Induction

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Working at Heights

  • Where possible, the need to work from heights should be eliminated.
  • Approved height protection control measures must be implemented based on risk (safety harness, scaffolding, etc). Relevant equipment must be provided by the Contractor.
  • The Contractor must ensure that its Personnel have received appropriate training in the correct use of equipment, including fall arrest equipment.


  • Metal / aluminium ladders shall not be used anywhere electrical hazard exists (voltages in excess of 50 volts AC or 120 volts DC)
  • Ladders must comply with relevant Australian Standards and be in good condition. The Contractor must inspect ladders prior to use.
  • The Contractor must ensure that its Personnel are trained in safe work practices in relation to ladders.


  • All scaffolding used on site must comply with relevant laws and Australian Standards.
  • All scaffolding must be assembled by trained and licensed Personnel.