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Online Contractor Induction

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Contractor Safety and Coles Group


Welcome to the Coles Group General Contractor Safety Induction. The aim of this is to introduce you to our safety systems, to ensure a safe working environment for Coles Group team members, customers, suppliers, demonstrators and visitors.

The ’Coles Group Contractor Induction’ is the induction program for all Coles businesses who, for the purposes of this induction, will be collectively referred to as Coles Group.These businesses include:

  • Coles Supermarkets
  • Coles Express
  • Coles Logistics
  • Liquorland
  • Vintage Cellars
  • First Choice (First Choice Liquor Market)
  • Chef Fresh
  • Retail Ready Operations
  • All State & National Support Office locations


When you have finished you will be able to:

  • Describe the importance of safety at Coles Group
  • Identify the role of contractors, suppliers and demonstrators in ensuring the safety at our sites
  • Identify the Work Health and Safety (WHS) responsibility of all parties at Coles Group
  • Follow a hazard management process
  • Ensure that hazard management processes are implemented so that hazards are reported and controlled at Coles Group sites
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the safety and security standards required when working on a Coles Group site
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the control measures required, particularly when undertaking high risk work
  • Recognise the process that must be followed when working on a Coles group site


Once you have read through the learning materials you will need to answer a set of questions relating to each section.


You will need about one hour to complete this.

Safety at Coles Group

At Coles Group we believe safety is integral to the way we do business.


Safety in the workplace is essential. The effects of poor safety performance include:

  • Pain and suffering for our team
  • Loss of credibility
  • Adverse publicity
  • High direct and indirect costs

Health Safety and Wellbeing Policy

Each Coles Group business abides by the Coles Group Health Safety and Wellbeing Policy which outlines Coles Group’s commitment to health, safety and wellbeing, to providing a safe system of work for its team members, customers, contractors, visitors and neighbours, and to improving health and safety performance.

A copy of the Health Safety and Wellbeing Policy can be found on the Contractor website.


All accidents are preventable and effective safety is a shared responsibility.